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:: The Story Of My Life

The Story of My Life is a movie that deals with all those unanswerable questions generation X’s and Y’s face today. Who are we? What do we want from our careers? Do we believe in love? Marriage? Would I be better off with him or her?

Raphael is a writer who makes his living out of ghost-writing autobiographies for celebrities. When Raphael is assigned to write soccer player Kevin’s “autobiography, his life takes a huge turn.

Kevin’s new love is Claire, who happens to be Raphael’s unrequited love from his university days. Despite having the most incredible, loving and perfect girlfriend, Raphael decides to undermine Kevin and try to reignite his old affection for Claire.

Above all, this movie is about courage. Character after character in this film has some sort of dissatisfaction with their life. Raphael wants to write his own novel as opposed to ghost-writing trash; his friend Jeff has a dream to become a photojournalist, which he puts off pursuing through procrastination and smoking weed; Max is hugely successful but dreamless and unhappy; Claire is much the same; Kevin is a half-wit and the only stable, intelligent and mature character is Muriel, Raphael’s girlfriend, who you fall in love with and identify with straight away.

This is a movie everyone can enjoy but is definitely about young adults finding their way through life. Its rich food for thought that leaves you walking out of the cinema with positivity, and a huge “to do” list to redirect your life.