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:: The Tall Man

Sometimes you see a doco that you just know is going to stick with you for a long, long time. The Tall Man is one such doco. For any Australian that believes that Aboriginals get equal treatment to white people this is the doco that will put the truth into perspective… it’s certainly one that you will be talking about for ages after the final credits close.

Directed by Tony Krawitz, The Tall Man tells the tragic story of the death of Cameron Doomadgee. The Palm Island resident was arrested by local policeman Christopher Hurley and just forty-five minutes later he lay dead in a police cell. With evidence linking Hurley to the deaths various investigations have been held over the years. The doco explores the subsequent inquiries and looks at the riot that occurred when the local Aboriginal community stood up and demanded that justice be done.

The way Krawitz has put together this documentary is truly sensational. He has been able together intense pieces of footage including police interviews and court recordings. These, grouped together with some gripping achieve footage and some confronting witness interviews, show the audience just how injustice can still be done within Australia’s legal system. Krawitz treats the audience like they are a jury piecing together every piece of evidence and then leaving it to them to work out what they believed happened… and trust me you are guaranteed to have a theory by the time the story is finished.

In some ways The Tall Man can be considered one of the most important docos to ever be made in Australia. If you have any interest in Aboriginal rights or simply want to see a well-crafted story, then this is a film you shouldn’t miss.