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:: The Vow

At a quick glance The Vow looks like it is going to be one of your average run-of-the-mill romantic comedies, but it is actually a little better than that. The word comedy is wrong to being with as this is a romantic drama… think along the same vein as The Notebook and while it isn’t brilliant it does offer more than you would expect.

Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams) are a happily married ‘hipster’ couple. She is an artist and he is a music producer. However after an accident one night she is left with memory loss that means she no longer knows about her new life or even knows who Leo is. To make matters worse her parents, Bill (Sam Neil) and Rita (Jessica Lange) and her sister. Gwen (Jessica McNamee) use the situation to end a divide between them and because of their dislike for Leo and her new life decide that she should go back to law school and try to patch things up with her ex.

The screenwriting team have created a somewhat impressive script. Yes the romantic drama element of it holds it back (it has to fit the genre) but the film does generate some truly suspenseful moments regarding whether or not Paige and Leo will reunite, however unfortunately some of the dramatic moments are lost by the fact that Tatum does have a limited acting range. But the one thing that does work in the film’s favour is that you do care for Leo and Paige, so much so that you find yourself despising Paige’s parents.

Tatum’s acting is the film’s only major problem. He seems to ‘dope’ his way through the film like a star-quarterback who has been forced into a school play. It’s surprising that director, Michael Sucsy (Grey Gardens) didn’t raise the fact that Tatum is horribly miscast as a ‘hipster’ because it is obvious throughout the film. On the other hand McAdams is good and once again she shows everyone that she is above a lot of the rom-coms she has done throughout her career. It is also good to see Aussie, Jessica McNamee getting a good role, she does herself proud and seems to be the next Aussie on the rise in Hollywood.

The Vow does have some substance… well at least enough to keep you occupied for the 104 minutes that it runs for. Better than expected!