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:: Thunderstruck

Five young guys attend an AC/DC concert in Sydney in 1991 as part of the band’s Razor’s Edge Tour. They are on a real high after the show, yet they have a shave with death right near a poster of AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott in a laneway. The boys make a pact that whoever is the first to die will be buried next to Bon at the Fremantle cemetery.

The story moves forward twelve years. The one who seems to be settled in life is Ronnie (Sam Worthington) who writes advertising jingles. He married a pop star Molly (Rachel Gordon). The other guys have had their share of problems. Each has drifted away from their original friendship. As Ronnie makes the initial breakthrough to reform the old friendships, he dies in a freak accident. Therefore, the pact that the boys made twelve years ago sadly comes into play.

There are good, fast-paced sequences and the well-matched characters create a fun, often touching feeling throughout. The mateship factor is strong as the boys are reminded of their twelve-year-old pact and the attention is focused on why they’re together. It leads to a tumultuous final scene.

The young cast do a fine job. They are very different people at age twenty-nine to the carefree seventeen-year-olds who went to see the AC/DC concert. From travelling across Australia, they meet some interesting characters. There is good, fiery interaction between the main actors, and even the two obligatory silly AC/DC fans played by Jason Gann and Shaun Angus Hall serve their role well.

The film showcases Australian icons and global themes that will strike a note to music lovers in particular. Thunderstruck can be viewed as good fun, highlighting the mateship and bonding factors, while taking note of the Australian lifestyle. Watch for the closing credits.