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:: Torque

The story is about a biker named Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) who is back in town after being on the run from an FBI agent (Adam Scott) and the leader of the Hellions, a drug dealer called Henry (Matt Schulze) whose drugs Ford stashed away before leaving. Ford is also in the bad books with Trey (Ice Cube). The leader of the Reapers, who thinks Ford has killed his younger brother. Ford had previously left behind a girlfriend, Shane (Monet Mazur), a sexy, blonde biker mechanic.

All these situations lead to the tongue-in-cheek, thrill-seeking adventure that embraces the “look-good” styling and fast action for a zealous and enjoyable ride. Henry wants his bikes returned. Shane asks questions of Ford’s motives, to which Ford satisfies and wins her back. She accompanies Ford on his quest to go to Los Angeles before Henry gets alerted to the whereabouts of his bikes, which also contain the drugs. The simple plot centres on the trouble that is gone through in the attempt to succeed.

There are plenty of motorbike chases, races, and stunts. “Torque” doesn’t set out to waste our time. We’re not meant to take it too seriously, either. The impressive processes of director Joseph Khan, well known for his over-the-top, visually impacting music videos create the stylish brand. This is his first feature film.

Some great action scenes will stay in the memory. Shane has a magical girl-to-girl motorcycle joust with Henry’s girlfriend China. It’s ridiculously funny in a way, including the prominent placement of huge Pepsi and Mountain Dew signs. But there are good speeds and manoeuvres as they battle. Then Ford and Trey battle each other and the result is a chase on top of a moving train. It’s made to look mind-boggling and thrilling.

Ice Cube has a fierce presence and is formidable in this film. Henderson and Mazur have an intelligent presence as the lead pair. The film is sharply edited and is visually attractive. The costumes and breakneck speeds are all Khan’s influence. There is lots of fun, too, with good lines adding to the stunts and photography.

If you like noise and stunts, “Torque” will suit appropriately. It could be seen as cheesy, but it is sure to entertain with its stylish look. Don’t look too hard into it and take it on face value for what it’s meant to be.