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:: Toy Story 3

Ironically I was able to see the last films in two of the highest-selling animated series of the last decade in the same week. And while I felt ‘Shrek Forever After’ could have been better, ‘Toy Story 3’ left me completely satisfied and even managed to get a little bit of emotion out of me… that is simply how good the writing was.

In the ‘Toy Story’ finale we find our two heroes, cowboy Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) and astronaut, Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen) preparing all the toys for the inevitable, the day that Andy goes to college. The toys decide they are either going in the bin or going in the attic. But instead they find themselves at a Playgroup run by the deceptive Lotso, and while Barbie may be happy to have found Ken, others such as Jessie are certainly not happy. Can Buzz and Woody be the heroes once again?

Director, Lee Unkrich does such a wonderful job with this film that you literally forget that you are watching animation. The characters are so realistic with emotions and feelings that you can be excused for thinking they are real. ‘Toy Story 3’ is one of those rare films that makes it appealing to both adults and children alike… and I’ll admit that at times during the film I felt tears starting to well, and don’t get me started on how worried you get on whether all the characters will make it through it or not.

A lot of this can also be contributed to a good script. ‘Toy Story’ is one series of films where it seems the writing has continually got better and better and in each film the characters have grown. And while I won’t give away the ending the writing-team involved here have created a well-rounded ending that I’m sure will leave true fans of the series happy. Well maybe happy isn’t exactly the right word because some of the scenes are so well written that true fans of the series will shed some tears… you simply won’t be able to stop yourself. But the mere fact that an animated film can cause such an emotional response from the audience shows just how good the script at hand really is.

Like the previous 2 in the series ‘Toy Story 3’ does everything you can possible ask for from a film. It is well written, its characters are interesting and it is visually brilliant. ‘Toy Story 3’ is so good that you’ll forget that you are watching an animated film. This is one film finale that certainly does its series justice.