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:: Transamerica

Bree (Felicity Huffman) has almost succeeded in buying her dream. A transsexual woman living in a poor section of Los Angeles and working two jobs to save money, she is only one week away from the surgery that will make her the woman she believes she always should have been. However, she receives an unexpected phone call from a teenage runaway, claiming to be her son. Fathered during Bree’s fumbling teenage years as a man, her son Toby (Kevin Zegers) is the last thing Bree wants to know about when she is so determined to forget her past. Unfortunately for Bree, her therapist refuses permission for her sex change, until she has met her son. Using some of her precious savings, Bree flies to New York. She bails her son out of jail under the pretence that she is working for the church, and together they set out on a life changing journey.

‘Transamerica’ is a delightful, but also enlightening film. Bree is constantly faced with challenges that the average person would take for granted. She struggles to keep her voice and body feminine, and she is extremely self conscious about her body, clothing and makeup. Yet her character is filled with such strength that viewers are left with a warm and fuzzy feeling of admiration for Bree, and empathy for her difficult predicament. Her dry sense of humour adds comedy to a film that may otherwise have been a little too serious and heart wrenching.

Felicity Hoffman suggested that it would be a challenging role for her to play. A woman, who had to pretend she was a man, who wanted to be a woman. Yet she pulls it off in a brilliant and award-winning performance. This is a wonderful and uplifting film, well worth a trip to the cinema.