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:: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

Let’s preface this review by saying I am not a Twilight hater, in fact I have enjoyed the other films in the series but sadly I have to say that Breaking Dawn is the weakest of the films so far, possibly because of the fact that it is indeed a part one and seems to lack the suspense and action of the previous films.

Breaking Dawn Part One sees Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) about to marry her vampire-fiance, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) much to the disgust of her close friend, the werewolf, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). However, when the honeymoon results in Bella falling pregnant (with a pregnancy that moves ahead at an alarming rate) it alarms all the Cullens, especially Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) who fears that Bella may lose her life. Worse still the werewolf pack decide that the ‘baby’ must be killed at any cost (even if it means taking Bella’s life) which then leaves Jacob with a big decision. Does he stand against his family in the bed to protect the woman he loves, even though she has married his enemy?

Sadly, part of the reason that Breaking Dawn Part 1 is weaker than the other films is thanks to the scissors of the editor who was forced to tone done the film in a bid to satisfy those classifying the film. At the centre of the Twilight story is an epic romance but all the passion is ripped from the honeymoon shots in a bid to get a lower rating. As a result the honeymoon scenes seem out of place in Melissa Rosenberg’s script and all the drama and suspense is sapped from it, meaning that Bill Condon is left directing a limp film that you can only hope is made better by the release of Part Two.

Even the birth scenes are cut to shreds which again destroys all the suspense about whether or not Bella will live or not, and in the end this reviewer found himself more interested in the storyline that was developing around Jacob turning his back on his family… that really says something as I would normally identify myself as Team Edward all the way.

In the long run Breaking Dawn Part 1 does tell an important part of the Twilight story, but it really is the slowest and weakest film in the series so far and I am already finding myself hoping that Part Two is a hell of a lot better. This one really is only for Twi-hards.