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:: Two Fists, One Heart

While the idea of a watching a boxing film may not appeal to some, ‘Two Fists, One Heart’ is a boxing film with a difference. This is a film that isn’t about the sport; you could replace boxing here with any occupation and this film would still work. This is a film that has heart and it ranks right up there amongst other great boxing films, including ‘Ali’ and even the classic ‘Rocky’.

Anthony Argo (Daniel Amalm) is a young boxer whose father, Joe (Ennio Fantastichini), has guided him to follow in his footsteps and become a champion boxer. Anthony succeeds and becomes an amateur champion while also bordering on a life of crime as he and his best friend, Theo (Paul Pantano) do some jobs on the side for friends. However, when Anthony meets the beautiful Kate (Jessica Marais) and her brother, Tom (Tim Minchin), he begins to realise that there is more to life than just boxing and that is something he wants to explore. His father turns him away from the family and takes on Anthony’s enemy, Nico (Rai Fazio), as a new boxer to his stable.

While it seems strange to say that a film about boxing has heart, it is in fact the right way to describe ‘Two Fists, One Heart’, as screenwriter, Rai Fazio and director, Shawn Seet have created a film that allows you to develop feelings for the characters, which results in you actually caring what happens in the end.

The real surprise here is the acting in this film. Some of the performances are absolutely amazing. Former ‘Home And Away’ actor, Daniel Amalm has been making a name for himself recently with some good performances in ‘Underbelly’ but it is here where Amalm shows that he is in fact a great actor who could be Australia’s next overseas export. Comedian Tim Minchin also seems at ease in a dramatic role while Jessica Marais (better known for her role in ‘Packed To The Rafters’) also shows that she is a star on the rise and is an absolute joy to watch.

‘Two Fists, One Heart’ does not put a foot wrong. A brilliant script and amazing acting performances produces one of the films of the year. This is a film that Australia should be proud of and must be an early favorite for AFI Award success. This is one film that should not be missed.