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:: 2:37

This Australian film can be considered as one of the most moving and dramatic stories told on film in recent memory. It is the typical day at a high school for a group of six students. Each has a particular story with explosive significance. The issues are those that we all have lived through or around.

The film’s idea came from dramatic circumstances of the director himself. Murali K Thalluri, in his first feature film, encountered his own precarious situation that led to him writing the story. The thought-provoking script is important to be recognised.

Murali deserves great credit for his excellent direction and casting. This bold film deals with heavy situations in a student’s life and everybody involved has done their bit in ensuring 2:37, the time of a student’s death on a certain day, lives in the viewers’ memory for a long time.

One thing about the honesty and emotional characteristics of the film is the use of the “interview sequences”, where we get to know a bit more about the respective individuals and their deepest thoughts.

The most riveting observation is the fact that Murali plays out the drama of who will commit suicide in a “whodunit” means, as all the main characters have a reason to believe that the world in crashing around them. There are issues of pregnancy, incest, bulimia, homophobia, etc, yet it builds towards the final gruesome few minutes.

It’s no wonder that 2:37 received a prolonged standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival this year. The film is sure to capture attention and make an impact. Perhaps the only disappointment for Murali is that the R rating precludes a key age group (16-18) from seeing what needs to be seen.

The young cast provides the humanity required for the powerful situations that arise and play their characters effectively. This film is surely a stepping stone for Murali to achieve greater things as a filmmaker. He has already done a great deal in this unforgettable film.