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:: What's Your Number?

When-oh-when is somebody going to come up with a romantic comedy that isn’t as predictable as the four seasons. New rom-com What’s Your Number? is enjoyable for the most part but it absolutely irks you when you realise you can tell how it is going to end about fifteen minutes into the film.

Ally Darling (Anna Faris) has just made a disturbing discovery. According to a study by a leading doctor women who have more than 10.5 lovers (what happened to the .5 guy I’d like to know?) may never find a husband. For Ally that is a problem because she realises that she has had 19 lovers and she feels if you reaches 20 it’ll never happen. Therefore, she hires her ex-cop, womanizing neighbour, Colin Shea (Chris Evans) to hunt down her exes and she feels one of them may be Mr. Right and it means that she’ll never actually have to reach the magical 20. Oh, and while that is happening she has to help her sister, Daisy (Ari Graynor) organize her wedding while they are being judged within an inch of their lives by their mother, Ava (Blythe Danner).

Most of the enjoyment from What’s Your Number? comes from screenwriters’ work, you get the feeling that director, Mark Mylod is just along for the ride. The screenplay allows for both Ally and Colin to be enjoyable characters and despite the fact that the general plot is quite ridiculous the story itself is quite believable. But the highlight of the movie is the one-liners, there are number of brilliant lines including the gem (“I may not have been your first but I can be your last” “Why? Are you going to rape and kill me?”). The big shame however is that you know from the second that you meet Colin what is going to happen at the end, it’s just good that the screenwriters made the journey to that point quite enjoyable for the audience.

The other bright spark with What’s Your Number? is Anna Faris who really has come a long way since her Scary Movie role. You can even see a vast change from her appearance in Yogi Bear and you get the feeling that on the back of this performance that she may replace Katherine Heigl as the new ‘rom-com-it-girl’. She is enjoyable to watch and looks like she having a great time making the film. Chris Evans is also credible but you can’t help but wonder if this is a step back in his career after his work on Captain America: The First Avenger.

What’s Your Number? doesn’t break any new ground in the rom-com world but is still a quite enjoyable watch if you’re looking for a ladies night out.