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:: X-Men: The Last Stand

The X Men series has always been impressive but I was weary that a third episode might not be able to take its renowned action packed sequences to that new level needed. However, after watching the third development that reunites the stars of the first two X-Men films I was overly impressed and thought the trilogy was successful in obtaining the required climax the film needed to pull off a blockbuster third episode.

The whole movie from start to finish is entertaining and edge of your seat thrilling. The massive action packed scenes that involve Magneto (Ian McKellen) the powerful mutant who can move metal, manipulating cars being thrown from the iconic Golden Gate Bridge onto Alcatraz has to be seen to be appreciated. It is scenes like these and the following event where the Golden Gate Bridge is literally ripped from its foundations and moved, that X-Men is impressive in using state of the art visual effects for our viewing pleasure.

The third episode is very much an ‘apocalyptic’ one. With several apocalyptic sets and locations to give the feeling of an eerie ‘war of the worlds’ type feel, and of course the all important apocalyptic storyline the film possesses. The climax of the X-Men series always had to involve the participation of the key actors involved in the films from the beginning and that is something the X-Men cast can be commended on and perhaps why the series has worked so well, the fact that all the famous stars have remained loyal to finishing the project. Halle Berry returns as Storm who can manipulate weather and fly, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine a fighting machine with retractable claws who can heal instantly, as well as the return of a mutant member previously thought dead in X2, Jean Grey played by Famke Janssen a mutant with incalculably powerful telekinetic and telepathic powers. Patrick Stewart returns as Xavier the leader and founder of the mutant school and telepathic powers. There is Anna Paquin as Rogue who can absorb anyone’s powers when touching them as well as threatening their life when doing so, Rebecca Romijn and her famous body returns as shape-shifting Mystique, along with many others who have played roles in the previous two films.

Several important new characters are also introduced in this last episode such as Beast (Kelsey Grammer) a blue mutant with high intellect and a member of the U.S. president’s cabinet and Angel (Ben Foster) a billionaire’s son born with massive and magnificent white wings enabling him to fly. Angel plays a critical role in the film as it is his mutant powers that push his father to help develop a cure. The opening scene of the movie is very potent and compelling where Angel is shown as a young boy locked in the bathroom trying to do away with his mutant powers, it sums up the feeling of all three movies in the sense of shame the mutants feel about being different and highlights that the only way to feel better about such unwarranted shame is to accept those differences otherwise the results can be disastrous.

The electrifying storyline is set around the notion that a “cure” has been developed and created that will reverse mutant’s powers and return them to ‘normal’ human beings. For the first time in the series the mutants are faced with an important choice, should they be able to retain their uniqueness that also isolates them from the rest of society or should they be made to give up their special powers and be at peace to fit in. Once word of this ‘cure’ reaches the mutant populace, opposing viewpoints immediately arise, none more important than those of mutant leaders Charles Xavier, who preaches tolerance and Magneto, who preaches war and a survival of the fittest mantra. With the return of Jean Grey and her alter ego Dark Phoenix, as the ultimate all powerful weapon, a war to ‘end all wars’ is triggered and the battles begin!

The film is definitely worth seeing on the big screen rather than settling for a later release DVD. The action packed storyline and magnificent special effects almost demand a big screen viewing. X-Men fans will not be disappointed and neither will the curious punter!