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:: Spotlight :: A Fighting Season releasing worldwide on May 26

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Releasing worldwide on May 26 on VOD is A FIGHTING SEASON. Director Oden few Roberts (Cannes Golden Lion winner 2012), draws on his own experiences of being recruited by the Army in High School, allowing us a look behind the curtain of the controversial recruiting practices of the US Army post 9/11.

There will be a theatrical premiere screening in Santa Monica, California on May 25 prior to the VOD release. The film received production funding from the San Francisco Film Society.

Directed by Roberts with unapologetic authenticity, we see the inner war a soldier faces when returned to home soil. With subtle nuanced performances depicting the true experiences of many, our recruiters struggle to meet the quota of young recruits required, while living with the effects of trauma on the battlefield and knowing they could be deployed themselves again at any time. “A Fighting Season is based on being recruited during a six month period in my senior year of high school.”

Said Roberts. “The characters are based on an assortment of real people and hundreds of hours of private interviews with Army recruiters, so I hope it feels very real. I drew from my own recruiter’s charismatic, machismo personality to create the characters. The supporting cast features former military recruiters and soldiers, some of the recruits are now serving overseas. A kind of ‘art depicts life’ moment.”

See the trailer here