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:: Spotlight :: 2006 APRA AGSC Screen Music Awards

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

The 2006 APRA ­AGSC Screen Music Awards, which honours the achievements of screen composers, will officially kick-start the Australian film awards season on Monday, November 6 in Sydney. An increasingly key event on the awards calendar, the APRA ­AGSC Screen Music Awards represents the successful marriage of two defining elements of contemporary Australian culture: music and film.

Now in its fifth year, the APRA ­AGSC Screen Music Awards will return to Sydney, after a year in Melbourne, to be staged at the prestigious Recital Hall at Angel Place. The aim of the event is simple: to recognise the unseen champions of Australian music composition in film and television.

The Screen Music Awards is an event held jointly by APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) and AGSC (Australian Guild of Screen Composers Limited).

APRA CEO Brett Cottle said: “We continue to appreciate and celebrate the collaborative and creative efforts each screen composer brings to the screen in this challenging process. The composer must capture characters¹ emotions, nuances of screenplay and plot, and help realise a director's vision. This process has become central to the viewing experience of audiences everywhere. We look forward to hosting the 5th Annual Screen Music Awards with our event partners, the AGSC.”

This very special black tie event will be hosted by two radio and television identities Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough.

A live orchestra, conducted by the prolific musical director Paul Grabowsky, will perform a selection of nominated compositions at the event. Paul Grabowsky is also a well-respected composer in his own right who has written music for some 17 films and 12 television series.

The 2006 Awards will honour music composers across 13 categories including compositions for documentaries, short films, miniseries, children¹s television and feature film scores. A panel of highly respected Australian film and television composers will determine four nominees across 10 categories. APRA will use statistical analysis to define nominations based on performance activity as reflected by earning for the categories of Most Performed Screen Composer ­Australia and Most Performed Screen Composer Overseas.

Nominees in the following categories for the 2006 APRA ­AGSC Screen Music Awards will be announced on Wednesday October 11, 2006.

Best Music for an Advertisement
Best Music for a Documentary
Best Music for a Short Film
Best Original Song Composed for the Screen
Best Soundtrack Album
Best Music for Children¹s Television
Best Music for a Television Series or Serial
Best Television Theme
Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie
Best Feature Film Score
Most Performed Screen Composer ­ Australia*
Most Performed Screen Composer ­ Overseas*

*Determined by statistical analysis