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:: Spotlight :: Melbourne Premiere of Big Mamma's Boy

By: Carmine Pascuzzi; photos by Matt Deller

Stars of the new Australian film BIG MAMMA'S BOY came to Village Cinemas at Crown to celebrate the Melbourne Premiere. The film is directed by Perth-born filmmaker Franco Di Chiera and stars Frank Lotito (also writer), Holly Valance, George Kapinaris, Costas, Nick Farnell, Carmelina Di Guglielmo, Pia Miller, Kristie Jandric, Cassandra Magrath, Natalie Gauci and Maria Venuti.

The story's leading character, Rocco (Frank Lotito), is a 35-year-old bachelor, still living at home, and very much under the thumb of his overbearing, pasta and iron-wielding mamma (Carmelina Di Guglielmo), who goes to great lengths to keep her ‘man-child’ son close. Mamma does everything for her son, cooking his meals, preparing his lunches for work and ironing his shirts. She even backs his car out of the driveway for him in the morning! The film is set in the suburbs of Melbourne,

Big Mamma’s Boy opens in cinemas on Thursday, July 28.

Here are pictures from the Premiere - courtesy of Matt Deller.

cast members
Holly Valance & Frank Lotito
Frank Lotito Frank Lotito and his parents
Holly Valance, Costas Kilias & Kristie Jandric
Frank Lotito and friends
Frank Lotito and Pia Miller
Frank Lotito & Kristie Jandric
Holly Valance & Frank Lotito Kristie Jandric
Natalie Gauci sings & stars in the film Costas Kilias