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:: Spotlight :: Bondi Tsunami now screening

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Bondi Tsunami, the first Japanese surfing road movie in Australia, follows the psychedelic adventures of four punked up Manga inspired Japanese surfers; Shark,Yuto, Kimiko and Gunja Man as they travel up the magical east coast of Australia in a 1961 EK Holden.

All that is real is surreal in the land of Oz; the satirical comic book world of Bondi Tsunami explores the sublime, spectacular dreamscape of Shark (Taki Abe), a chain smoking asthmatic Japanese surfer cowboy in denial of his own consciousness.

Described as Kabuki meets MTV meets the Wizard of Oz meets Monkey Magic, Bondi Tsunami is a bizarre travelogue, rich in vivid colour and mesmerising cinematography, featuring a `must have' soundtrack.
The film presents a spectacular fusion of Australian and Japanese Pop Iconography; a conceptual work born of the MTV world, where the `nothingness' of zen, surfing, landscape, fashion and music video meet, Featuring a stunning japanese cast, Bondi Tsunami is a stylish, sensory feast unlike anything you've seen before!

Now Showing for a limited season in Sydney before heading off on a national tour.

Cremorne Orpheum

Monday, September 27 - 4pm & 7.45pm
Tuesday, September 28 - 4pm & 7.45pm
Wednesday, September 29 - 4pm & 7.45pm
Thursday, September 30 - 4pm & 7.45pm

Valhalla Glebe

Friday, October 1 - 8.30pm (Q&A Session)
Saturday, October 2 - 9.20pm
Sunday, October 3 - 9.20pm
Monday, October 4 - 9.20pm
Tuesday, October 5 - 9.20pm
Wednesday, October 6 - 9.20pm
Thursday, October 7 - 9.20pm

Check the website for more screening dates in your town!!
The soundtrack is distributed by Inertia.

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