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:: Spotlight :: Book Review - The Hollywood Book of Love

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

The Hollywood Book of Love

Written by James Robert Parish
Published by McGraw-Hill

James Robert Parish is an acclaimed Hollywood historian and bestselling author. He wrote the Hollywood Book of Death and he now provides an interesting look at how love and marriage have been treated. His rich knowledge takes him through 200 feature films and covers subjects from the likes of Humphrey Bogart to Elizabeth Taylor and to Nicole Kidman.

The general public can be hooked into absorbing, or being influenced, that their own lives can follow what a Hollywood storyline has indicated. It could be those magical film moments of a kiss on the beach, love with a stranger, running through a forest together, etc. These leave an indelible mark on certain people and it can shape our own relationships.

Parish reminds us of those passion-filled scenes from films like Cleopatra, Pretty Woman, The Way We Were, and even Two Moon Junction. How does our love and lust compare with the romantic notions provided through movies?

The general fascination with celebrities means that we tend to follow every move by a certain star/s. We absorb any real-life relationship involving the stars. The book covers every romantic category because there are so many movies dealing with love that Parish couldn’t possibly feature all. Movies that people fell in love with include Grease, Titanic, Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Dirty Dancing, Pal Joey, Love Story, and Moulin Rouge.

Parish provides different varieties of film romance – all the steam in this obsession of love and romance.

The book contains many black and white photos of people’s favourite film lovers, plot scenarios of Hollywood’s great love stories, and a behind-the-scenes peek at the lives of big stars such as Lana Turner, Woody Allen and Madonna, to name a few. Parish even throws in some unusual trivia in small blocks within each chapter.

Parish speaks with authority and his knowledge is strong. There are good moments of light-heartedness too, and it makes the book even more enjoyable. The imaginative style makes this recommended reading.

“Hollywood Book Of Love” retails for $Aust 26.95 and is available from most major and specialty bookstores around Australia.

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