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:: Spotlight :: Boytown Melbourne film premiere

By: photos - Matt Deller

The film “Boytown” tells of a musical group of middle-aged men who plan a great comeback. The Melbourne premiere took place recently and it featured radio presenters Hamish & Andy broadcasting their drive-time show from the Jam Factory cinemas in South Yarra. There was lots of fun and hilarity whenever celebrities arrived.

Here are photos from the occasion

Mick Molloy speaks to audience Boytown members
Mick Molloy and friends
Hamish, Mick, and Andy Boytown member Glenn Robbins
Bert Newton & Mick Molloy Mick Molloy and Hamish
Andy, Glenn, & Hamish Bert Newton, Ella Hooper, Kate Alexa, & Mick Molloy
Ella Hooper Kate Alexa & Mick Molloy
Ella Hooper & the boys Andy & the girls
Hamish & Andy Andy and Stephen Curry
Santo Cilauro (left) and friends Andy, Mark Holden, & Hamish
Shane Bourne (right) and friends Mick Molloy with Patti & Lauren Newton
Stephen Curry Tottie Goldsmith & Amber Petty
Russell Gilbert, Mick Molloy, & Shane Bourne guests