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:: Spotlight :: Australian Brooke 'Mikey' Anderson makes feature film directorial debut

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Australian actress Brooke ‘Mikey’ Anderson makes her feature film directorial debut with “Off The Ledge”, an independent feature film currently in post production. The cast is a melting pot of international actors from Australia, America, Canada and Brazil. The film stars Brooke, along with Justin Whalin, Anne Ramsey, Nectar Rose, Jenny Mollen, Nathan Baesel, Yan Feldman, Carlee Avers, Raymond O'Connor, Zosia Mamet and Bree Sharp.

Off The Ledge is an ensemble driven dramedy revolving around an eccentric New Years Eve Party where the partygoers are oblivious to the true atmosphere of pain amid the celebration of life. Ultimately it's a fun but moving, exploration of life, resolutions, and new beginnings. While still in post production, the film is already cultivating buzz around the Hollywood community and has been compared to “Crash” meets “Animal House”, “The Big Chill”; “Harold and Maude”; “Go”; and “Dazed and Confused" for the 20’s and 30’s.

Brooke and her business partner Dawn Higginbotham produced the film under their L.A. Production Company, Cordova Pictures, in association with her Australian Production Company Gala Films. The duo co‐wrote the project along with fellow filmmaker Andrew Piñon; keeping in tune with total independent filmmaking. The film will be entering the 2008 festival circuit with an anticipated theatrical release to follow.

The film has two other Australians involved in the production: Director of Photography and Stunt Coordinator Brett Anderson ACS and Lauren Clifton from Sydney stepped into the role of Production Designer after working on seven films in Canada.

The eclectic soundtrack features artists from Australia, USA and the UK. Australian artists such as Nathan Cavaleri are involved in the music, and the theme track was written by two Australian songwriters, Dave Miller & Jamie Walker, and produced by Cavaleri. Award winning composer Hal Lindes of the renowned Dire Straits is currently composing the score.

Whilst Brooke has been acting since she was four years old, and recognised from numerous Australian Television Productions, her aspirations broadened over the last several years to include a passion for the “behind the camera” action. Actively studying writing, producing and directing in Hollywood, at UCLA and interning with such companies as Capstone Pictures (with Jennie Lew Tugend, Producer of Lethal Weapon and Free Willy Movies) as well as Tony and Ridley Scott’s Development Company Scott Free, Brooke then went on to 1st assistant director on the Indie Film Diamonds and Guns filming in Las Vegas and starring Renee O’Connor of Xena. In between acting in five independent feature films over the last four years; Brooke also co‐starred in the ABC hit series Lost, Fox’s sit‐com Happy Hour; and is currently the voice of Alex and Dash in the innovative new GIAnimated Series Animalia, which premiered on Channel 10 Australia, BBC Britain, CBC Canada, and soon to be on PBS in the USA.

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