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:: Spotlight :: 2008 Movie Extra Filmink Awards

By: Matthew Pejkovic

On Wednesday, March 12 all those in need of their celebrity red carpet fix will flock to Sydney’s beautiful State Theatre for the 2008 MOVIE EXTRA FILMINK Awards.

Expected guests include: Keisha Castle-Hughes (The Whale Rider, Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger), Sun Park The Jammed, Hi5), Joel Edgerton (The Square, $9.99, Secret Life of Us), Nash Edgerton (The Square), Danielle Catanzariti (Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger, Blackbird), Diana Glenn (Black Water, Satisfaction, The Oyster Farmer), David Field (Chopper, Two Hands), Luke Ford (The Black Balloon, The Mummy 3) and Chris Taylor from The Chasers War on Everything.

But the entertainment doesn’t stop there, as amongst all the film-loving, the MOVIE EXTRA FILMINK Awards are extremely pleased as punch to announce that Bertie Blackman and Paul Mac will be live on stage together, raising the roof on the party vibe. Exclusive to the Awards, they will be performing the excellent ‘The Only One’ for which they collaborated together for the soundtrack for Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger.

Don your best frock for this nail-biting extravaganza of live entertainment, goodie bags, celebrity action, red carpet, the rockin' VIP after party at The Argyle and of course an entertaining script which is guaranteed to showcase Awards like no other show you’ve been to. It’s politically incorrect, tongue-in-cheek, with some serious moments.

In 2008 the MOVIE EXTRA FILMINK Awards are ‘LARGER THAN LIFE’ celebrating epic film moments from 2007. We’ve pitted Jon Heder (Blades of Glory) against The Entire Cast of Dreamgirls for Best Hair Award, killer sheep (Black Sheep) against killer crocodiles (Rogue) for the Equinox Design & VFX Best Monster Movie Award and Cate Blanchett’s turn as a man (I’m Not There) against Abbie Cornish as the perfect English rose (Elizabeth: The Golden Age).

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Hurry seats limited!
Call 136 100 or go to Ticketmaster

This night of nights is not just for the locals, as for the second year, MOVIE EXTRA will be broadcasting the MOVIE EXTRA FILMINK Awards nationally on Saturday, March 15 at 7:30pm. This is truly an occasion for the whole country to enjoy - to be swept up into the allure of the celebrity guests and presenters, and to join in with the cheeky and also deserving celebrations for those who spend their time entertaining us throughout the year!

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Last year he presented an Award, this year he’s presenting the Awards. Australia and the 2008 MOVIE EXTRA FILMINK Awards are proud to unveil the 2008 host, Brendan Cowell, star of Love My Way and the critically acclaimed feature film, Noise. Cowell, who currently resides in New York City, is back home to host the only movie award show in Australia, which celebrates the Best and Worst in Film from 2007, putting Australian film on the same platform as international film. It’s tongue-in-cheek, politically incorrect yet not without its serious moments!

Brendan said, “I am stoked to be offered the job of hosting the Filmink Awards. I wasn't nominated for anything so I had to find a way to be involved somehow. I take Awards very seriously so I think Filmink and I will make a great match. I'm looking forward to the canapes and the good looking people.”

Cowell will be sparring with the best of Australia’s comedic talent including Merrick & Rosso, Chris Taylor and Craig Reucassel from The Chaser and The Umbilical Brothers. Joining them on stage are our top Aussie actors including Academy Award® nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes (The Whale Rider, Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger), Sun Park (The Jammed, Hi5), Joel Edgerton (The Square, $9.99, Secret Life of Us), Nash Edgerton (The Square), Danielle Catanzariti (Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger, Blackbird), Diana Glenn (Black Water, Satisfaction, The Oyster Farmer), David Field (Chopper, West, Two Hands), Luke Ford (The Black Balloon, The Mummy 3), Darren Gilshenan (Chandon Pictures), Roger Ward (Mad Max, Not Quite Hollywood) and Rob Carlton (Chandon Pictures).

Colin Friels is the recipient of the 2008 Peter Finch Lifetime Achievement Award and joins John Jarratt and Margaret Fink in this Hall of Fame. Plus Paul Mac and Bertie Blackman hit the stage with the premiere performance of The Only One, the song written especially for the soundtrack to Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger, out now through EMI.




WORST FILM: Bratz the Movie


AUSSIE BUM BEST SORT: Katherine Heigl – Knocked Up





BEST BLOW IN: Michael Vartan - Rogue

BEST HAIR: John Travolta - Hairspray

BEST CHASE SCENE: The Bourne Ultimatum

BEST NUDE SCENE: The Simpsons Movie




Report of the night

The 2008 Movie Extra Filmink Awards took over Sydney’s The State Theatre, as a packed crowd and a host of Australian film & TV talent came together for a night of tongue in cheek, politically incorrect entertainment which successfully took the mickey out of the Australian (and international) film industry, while also paying tribute to those who entertained and moved us during the passed year.

Brendan Cowell (Noise, Love My Way) proved to be quite the host, showing off his comedic talent whilst accompanied by a group of little people dressed up as Spartans! Other highlights include a dead on impersonation of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a man dressed in drag accepting Cate Blanchett’s award for her performance in I’m Not There, and a touching speech by Peter Finch Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Colin Friels.


BRENDAN COWELL (Noise, Love My Way)

Q: Congratulations on scoring hosting duties tonight. Any pre-show nerves?

A: Not a lot, actually. I thought it would be a hell of a lot worse, but I’m actually calm.

Q: Excellent. Excluding Noise, what was your favourite film released in the past year?

A: Probably Noise.

A: Actually, I really liked Boxing Day. I thought that was a cracking movie. As well as The Jammed and Home Song Stories.

Q: Any particular award category you are looking forward to tonight? Could be one of the more interesting ones, like Best Hair or Best Nude Scene …

A: Well I am a man, so I am interested in best nude scene. Let’s face it. Best Sort & Best Blow In of all of the awards I can’t wait to hear about at this of year. I mean every award is exciting at the Filmink Awards. I’m not up for any, which is probably the main problem with the awards tonight. But other than that it should be a great night.

KEISHA-CASTLE HUGHES (The Whale Rider, Hey, Hey It’s Esther Blueburger)

Q: Hi Keisha. How are you?

A: Great, thanks!

Q: Last week I saw Hey, Hey It’s Esther Blueburger and I quite liked it. I just wanted to ask about the making of the film, how you came to be apart of the film, etc?

A: I first read the script when I was 13, before it had any financing, and I immediately fell in love with it. I wanted to be apart of it, waited until we had funding, and 2 ½ - 3 years later, we finally shot the film! So it was quite simple, but now we are here, and the movie will be released next week, and it’s kind of bitter sweet because I have been so passionate about it for such a long time.

Q: Cathy (Randall, writer/director) had begun writing the script in 2002?

A: Yeah, Cathy had been writing the script and developing it for such a long time. The movie is completely different to the script that I had first read. It holds the same essence, but it is really a different script.

Q: Well I quite liked the film, and I thought that your performance in it was great.

A: Thank you!

Q: Thank you very much for your time.


Q: I have watched Hey, Hey It’s Esther Blueburger last week, and I quite liked it. I spoke to Cathy (Randall, writer/director) about the film yesterday, and we were talking about the preparation that you went through for your role. Was it fun preparing for this role?

A: Oh yeah! It was a heap of fun. We had four weeks of rehearsals, and through that I had to do break dancing lessons, and Jewish lessons. I had hair extensions put in because I had a little afro. So their were different stages we had to go through to create the character of Esther.

Q: Well it was a fantastic performance.

A: Thank you very much!

ROGER WARD (Mad Max, Not Quite Hollywood)

Q: What was your favourite film released in the last year?

A: No Country for Old Men I thought was very good.

Q: Is their a particular award category you are looking forward to tonight?

A: Well, I am presenting the Best Monster Film. I was going to do best hair (motions to his bald head). I don’t know why they would want me to do that! Otherwise, Best Nude Scene.

Q: It’s always a favourite! If you create an award category of your own, what would it be?

A: Best Script, I think. I write as well, so I would be interested in that.

Q: A film is nothing without its screenplay.

A: Exactly. Nothing can happen without it.

Q: Thank you very much for your time.

A: Thank you.

DIANA GLENN (Blackwater, The Oyster Farmer)

Q: Hi Dianna. How are you tonight?

A: I am very well, thank you. How about you?

Q: I am well, thanks. Blackwater is due for release this year…

A: 24th of April!

Q: … and by all accounts it sounds like it could be one scary film. Could you talk me through the making of the film?

A: Sure. We had a 4 week shoot. We shot it in the Big Georges River, and mad it look like far north Queensland. I spent most of the time in mud or up a tree, with my two fellow actors (Maeve Dermody and Andy Rodoreda). There was a lot of screaming involved. It was great. It was filmmaking at its most barest and its most exciting.

Q: Exactly the ingredients needed for a good horror film.

A: That’s right. Everyone worked very, very had, and it was nothing luxurious about the shot what so ever. But it was fun and the final… I am constantly astounded about the magic of filmmaking. I know how deep that water was, and we were pretending it was neck high when it was really waste high, and it works! They pulled it off! Even though we may have been walking on our knees a lot of the time, they pulled it off. And it looks great, I think.

Q: Excellent! What was your favourite film released in the past year?

A: Australian film?

Q: Any film.

A: I loved Noise and I loved The Jammed. I really loved No Country for Old Men, and I really loved The Darjeeling Limited too. And also Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution. And of course Daniel Day Lewis was extraordinary in There Will Be Blood. It has been a good year for film.

Q: It has been a very good year. A lot of great performances. If you could create your own Award Category, what would it be?

A: (Pause). Best Unrecognised Audition, for people who don’t get the job but do a great audition.

Q: Maybe when they win the award they could get another audition?

A: Exactly. That’s right. Because I think a lot of people who don’t get the jobs are still incredible actors, and I would like to honour them in some way.

Q: That is nice. You are quite the good Samaritan. Have a good night.

D: Thank you very much.

PETA WILSON (Beautiful, La Femme Nikita)

Q: Your new film Beautiful is currently in post production and is due for release this year. Could you please give me a quick insight into what the film is about, and also talk about the making of the film?

A: It was the best experience I have ever had on a film. The director Dean O’Flaherty is hands down the best director I have ever worked with. The film is very European. It has a tone like American Beauty or The Ice Strom, that kind of tone. It is a combination of many things. I think the director was really inspired by small towns in Australia, who kind of do these things…. Remember when bus shelters used to have those terrorists posters that read ‘Be Careful of Your Neighbour”? He was inspired by that. I mean, what terrorists are in small town Australia? Some people create a boogie man, kind of thing. So the film is about a town that gets riled up because there is nothing else much to do, expect use your imagination. And then something really terrible happens which is caused by people creating gossip.

Q: So there isolation breeds fear, and that fear creates consequences?

A: Excellent! That is why you’re the reporter. That would be it, I’d say. It is a very good analogy.

Q: Well it sounds very interesting. And you were working with a great cast…

A: They were all great! Thayna Tozzi…they were all wonderful! All of the actors are really good. And of course it was myself and Aaron (Jeffrey), so that was really great. He is a great actor and it was fun to do that. It was just a really wonderful experience, and I am actually working with them again, the same company.

Q: Excellent. It sounds great.

A: Thank you!

Thank you very much! Have a great night.

JOEL EDGERTON ($9.99, Kinky Boots)

Q: How are you tonight?

A: Pretty good.

Q: You have two films due for release this year. There is $9.99, which is a stop motion animation movie. And also The Square which you co-wrote and your brother Nash (Edgerton) directed…

A: Yeah!

Q: …could you give me an insight into both of these films, and also the making of them?

A: There is another one as well actually called Acolytes, which Jon Hewitt made which I am apart of as well. $9.99. is an animated film, but it is sort of stop animation. It is not computer graphics…

Q: Old school.

A: Yeah. So it’s like a clay-mation type of thing. It stars myself and Claudia Karvan, Ben Mendelsohn, Anthony LaPaglia and Geoffrey Rush all providing voices to it. So when you do a job like that, it is very little involvement. But with The Square I had a lot of involvement, co-writing and I am in the film. So I have been seeing that through since the very beginning and I will see it all the way through to the very end. And the Acolytes is Jon Hewitt’s movie, were I get to play a serial killer which is really fun. Scary, but fun.

Q: I am really looking forward to these films. They sound very interesting. Especially $9.99, because you just don’t see anything like that.

A: And also what is interesting about it is, not that it is not for children, but it is not specifically aimed for children. It is sort of aimed for a slightly older demographic. It contains some adult themes. There is quite a bit of darkness to it. It is almost like if it were a proper film it would be a drama. There is a lot of humour in it, but more aimed for an older audience.

Q: I am looking forward to it. Have a good night tonight.

A: Cool, man.


Q: How are you tonight?

A: Very hot. (Motions to sweaty brow).

Q: Excluding Gabriel, what was your favourite film released in the past year?

A: Australian movie?

Q: Any.

A: There Will Be Blood. On my God, that was incredible! It was something… it just had a different feel, a different tone… it was unbelievable.

Q: If you could create your own award category, what would it be?

A: Most Sweatiest Interview!


Q: How are you?

A: Good thanks.

Q: Excellent. I spoke to your brother Joel earlier about The Square, which is due for release this year. Could you give some insight into the film, and what it was like to direct your brother?

A: We get on really well, so it is a pretty easy working relationship.

Q: Can you give me some insight into the making of the film? Joel co-wrote it…

A: Yeah, Joel is the originator of the idea and he wrote the script with a friend of ours, Matthew Dabner. It’s a thriller, and I am currently editing it…

Q: Will you be getting final cut?

A: As far as I know I am! But let’s see what happens.

Q: Well I am looking forward to it. Have a good time tonight.

A: Thanks.

COLIN FRIELS (Malcolm, Blackjack)

Q: Congratulations on being bestowed with the Peter Finch Lifetime Achievement Award. It must be a real honour.

A: It is. Very sweet. Very gratifying.

Q: What has been your favourite film of the past year?

A: I actually haven’t seen a film for a long time. For the first time I saw The Battle for Algiers, which is sensational. And I watched Lassie with my daughter, and it was fantastic. The one that Charles Sturridge directed. They were brilliant.

Q: If you could create your own award category, what would it be?

A: Most Decent Person, I would think. Most Honourable Person.

Q: You know, if their were more awards of that calibre, than more people would try a little harder to be decent.

A: Just more honour and more decency. What more can you have? That would be it I would think.

Q: Thank you very much.

A: It has been a pleasure.


Q: How are you tonight?

A: I am very well, thank you.

Q: What has been your favourite film of the past year?

A: That is a tricky question, because I am such a film buff. I recently saw Death Defying Acts. But I would have to say the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I think that was definitely the most recent film that really touched my heart, and I thought that it had incredible cinematography and was shot very well.

Q: It had a very interesting take, the POV perspective…

A: Yeah. It was amazing.

Q: If you could create your own award category, what would it be?

A: Most Down to Earth Person.

Q: I think you might be in the running for that.

A: Thank you!

Q: Have a good night.

A: Thank you, and take care.

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