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:: Spotlight :: High School Musical 2 DVD release - interview with the stars

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Ashley Tisdale spill their on-set secrets from High School Musical 2.

Spill the beans, guys! What happens in High School Musical 2?

Lucas: Well, all the gang from the first movie are back – but school’s over so it’s time to party in the summer.

Ashley: The gang heads over to a country club, where there’s a lot more singing and dancing going on. You’re going to love it!

What are the songs like in the sequel?

Lucas: The songs are really cool – and so are the dances.

Corbin: Make sure you watch out for a really cool baseball number called I Don’t Dance. It’s like a whole battle back and forth between Lucas and I – and we had a blast doing it.

What’s your favourite new song?

Ashley: Each of the songs are catchy, so I like them all – especially when there’s a special message in the music.

Corbin: I also really like song called Bet On It which Zac sings. The music is really cool and it’s got an awesome break-down section. Every time I hear it I just want to dance.

Is it true you all lived in bungalows while filming the sequel?

Lucas: It’s true! We filmed High School Musical 2 at a country club, which had these cool bungalows – so that’s where we stayed.

Sounds like a lot of fun…

Ashley: It was lovely, but I kept on decorating my bungalow with mess. I like to have a chair in my bedroom where I put all the outfits I choose not to wear – and it kind of piled up over the week. If I try on an outfit and don’t like it, it goes on the chair as I try on something else… And so on! My room wasn’t as messy as some of my other cast members, though…

So who had the messiest bungalow?

Lucas: I will admit there were some terribly messy rooms, but I’m going to have to keep quiet about who exactly had the messiest. Sorry!

Ashley: Ooh, I’m not telling either! I have to keep quiet or the others will kill me.

Do you like to party?

Ashley: Of course!

Corbin: We all love a good party. In fact, we all went to this amazing party at Disney World a while ago. All of the cast were there and we got to mess around on this huge rotating dance floor. It was amazing!

Aren’t you all bored of talking about High School Musical yet?

Lucas: No way! I’m not bored of it at all, although I’ve heard the songs from the first movie so much now.

Corbin: That’s probably the one thing that might be getting to us… We’re like, ‘Aargh – please don’t let us hear that song again!’ I’m joking, by the way!

So why do you think we should watch the sequel?

Corbin: Because it’s awesome!

Lucas: It’s so much more intense than the first – you’re really going to like it. We really stepped up with the music and the choreography and everything. It’s very cool.

Before we go, tell us… How similar are you to the characters you play in the movie?

Lucas: I hope that I am nothing like my character! I am a simple, plain person. You know, I'm chilled and laid back – and not so out there and crazy as Ryan.

Ashley: And thankfully I'm nothing like Sharpay either! I can probably relate to her because of her passion for performing, but that’s about it when it comes to similarities. We’re very different.

What about you, Corbin?

Corbin: Well, I'm similar to Chad in ways that he has a strong passion for what he does. But I have to admit that I’m not as good at sport as Chad is. I'm very athletic, but I wasn’t too good at basketball when we started filming the first movie. I’ve got a lot better since, though!

Check out the new release of High School Musical 2 on Disney DVD from December 5, 2007.