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:: Spotlight :: 2017 AICE Israeli Film Festival

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

The AICE Israeli Film Festival revives movies at The Alex Theatre, St Kilda, and pushes into Camberwell at the Village Rivoli with its 2017 program. After a successful first year of operation at the Randwick Ritz the festival will again light up Sydney’s Eastern suburbs from September 5 – 17. 2017. The annual celebration of Israeli cinema includes a tribute to actress Ronit Elkabetz, who passed away last year. Dubbed by the New York Times as “Israel’s Meryl Streep “, her performances as a domineering matriarch and a fiercely independent lover in the two Australian premieres of Late Marriage and Jaffa, are something to behold.

Elkabetz’s performances are part of a powerful female representation in this year’s festival. A new programming section, Women of Israel, focusses on films about women’s issues and includes the work of five new female directors in the title Heroine. Special guests this year include Brigadier General Gal Hirsch with his documentary War Story – the tale of his over 30 years in the Israeli Defence Forces. Survivor of an assassination attempt, Gal Hirsch, now the leader of the Israeli Leadership Institute and recognised as a top military strategist, has plenty of advice on terrorism and security matters. His book, Defensive Shield, has just been published in English. And to celebrate the centennial of the “last successful cavalry charge in history “in October 1917, Ric Chauvel, the grandson of Charles and Elsa Chauvel and great nephew of Sir Harry Chauvel, who led that charge to liberate Beersheeba from the Ottoman Empire, will introduce special screenings of Forty Thousand Horsemen, the Australian action adventure film. Starring Chips Rafferty in his first screen role the film recalls a time when Australian cinema could pull a crowd.

Other guests include Melbourne filmmaker Jeff Daniels (he of 10 Conditions of Love fame) with his new film Mother With A Gun and short filmmaker Erin Rosenberg.

Festival dates: September 5 -17, 2017
Full details of the program can be found here or by going to the websites of the individual cinemas.
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