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:: Spotlight :: Melbourne Black Carpet Premiere of 'Killers'

By: Carmine Pascuzzi; photos by Matt Deller

Popular US actor Ashton Kutcher hit the black carpet in Melbourne recently when the premiere of his new film ‘Killers’ occurred at South Yarra's Jam Factory cinemas. Alongside him for the promotional tour was director Robert Luketic. Not in keeping with the usual delays at such events, Kutcher and Luketic arrived very early and spent a good deal of time with fans and media to pose for photos and sign autographs.

Robert was especially happy to be back in Melbourne. “It's been about five years since I got back to Melbourne. Far too long. This is where my dream started.” I asked him about the idea for the film. He replied, “I met Ashton (Kutcher) at the Playboy Mansion and he had a script to show me. I loved reading it and, coming from a romantic comedy background, I was keen to try and action/adventure film.” One of the innovations of the filming process was the role of Twitter in which Robert and others kept keen observers and fans in touch with happenings on the set. He said, “We wanted to keep control of what we were doing, so it was simply a matter of giving some power back to the filmmaker.”

Ashton was glad to be in Melbourne to promote the film and took an interest in how the recording of our chat would work on my Blackberry phone (he is an iPhone user). When asked about the appeal of the movie, he said “When I read the script it would be good to get the girl and shoot the bad guys. I thought I should take the opportunity to be in an action film as I mightn't get the opportunity again.” He was an executive producer on the film and acknowledged how rewarding it was. “It was great to be involved in the production - there is great action, great romance and it's generally funny. It has something for everyone.”

Here are pictures from the Melbourne Black Carpet event - by Matt Deller

Ashton Kutcher and Robert Luketic arrive at the Jam Factory cinemas
Ashton Kutcher with several fans
Robert Luketic & Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher
Robert Luketic & Ashton Kutcher introduce the film