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:: Spotlight :: Australian Premiere of "Lois"

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Oscar and Golden Globe Award nominee for Best Supporting Actress, and AFI winner for Best Leading Actress for her role in Animal Kingdom, Jacki Weaver stars in “Lois”, a short film by Melbourne filmmaker and actor Alexandra Schepisi, to be screened at 4.00pm on Saturday, August 11 at Greater Union cinema 6 as party of the Melbourne International Film Festival’s Australian Shorts programme.

Inspired by writer/director/producer Alexandra’s observation of a lone woman reading a letter whilst sitting on the rocks at a beach, “Lois” is tells the story of a woman who is tipped over the edge after receiving a long-awaited letter and is driven to wild lengths to address some unfinished business. Filmed on location in Sydney and Greece, “Lois” is a tale of wild passion with a touch of madness, taking an ordinary woman’s story into the fantastical realms of Greek myth.

Alexandra said, “I have always been a big fan of magic realism and love the creative depth it allows. It is the perfect medium to be able to explore the limitless capacity of love and the agony that it can cause. I wanted to create a film that stays ahead of the audience so that they might go on a journey with Lois, without knowing what is in the letter or where she is heading. I wanted to create a sense of desperation and danger when she first reacts so wildly to the letter. What could be in a letter that causes such a reaction? I aimed to keep the audience curious but to lay enough clues along the way that they might put the pieces together themselves in hindsight.”

Co-starring with Jacki Weaver, as Lois’s correspondent, is Yannis Totsikas. Yannis, an established actor in Greece where the film was partly shot, also appears at MIFF in Dead Europe.

A Birdcage Films production presented by Screen Australia, “Lois” was written, directed and produced by Alexandra Schepisi, and produced by Rachel Higgins, with Jeremy Rouse as cinematographer.

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