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:: Spotlight :: 2007 Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF)

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

The controversial, yet challenging, Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) returns for another annual season - this being its 8th big year.

With over 50 screening sessions this festival, over five venues, MUFF is making some noise in a flim industry that has the need to reinvigorate itself at times. The festival will run from September 20-30, 2007.

Director Richard Wolstencroft, who is still completing his own feature film “The Beautiful and Damned”, and aiming for the festival circuit next year, is excited to bring an eclectic mix of new, old, local and international film gems. With the theme of “A Benevolent Psychopathology” inspired by J.G Ballard, MUFF has feature films, short films in the Mini MUFF program, documentaries, black comedy, drama and horror. MUFF has it all. Added to all this, there is MUFF Academy, a two day anti-film forum inspiring everyone to get out there and make film no matter what format and on any budget.

Venues to be utilised are the Toff in Town, Glitch, Loop, Revolver and there are two screenings at the Erwin Rado Theatre.

International guest for MUFF is Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, filmmaker and video clip director, known for his music and membership of such influential bands as Throbbing Gristle, Psychik TV and Coil. Also look out for a performance by his new band, The Threshold House, Boys Choir. This is the first time that Peter has appeared live in Australia, so it's a must see event for all who value brilliant cutting edge music.

Some highlights on the MUFF program are the Opening Night film Bill Mousoulis’ “A Nocturne”, the world premiere of the croc on the loose flick “Blackwater”, cult hit Stu Simpson’s “Demonsamongus” and Jason Turley’s hip teen drama “Welcome Stranger”.

There will be a sneak peek at the MUFF documentary under production, “The Muffumentary” and Closing Night has Greg Pakis’ “Garth Goes Hitchhiking” and the cinema of transgressions documentary “Llik You Idols”.

Other highlights include Donna Cammell’s four films from the performer who has graced the stage with Mick Jagger. “Lords of The Underworld” a locally funded gangster film, filmed in LA from Dale Reeves, also has its world premiere during the festival. “Left Ear” is a dark look at a European immigrant, think “Borat” but real and not so funny. It too is premiering at MUFF.

Mini MUFF boasts a short film on the Martin Bryant shooting in Tasmania and David No who appeared in “The Matrix” shows his own short film in Mini MUFF. MUFF also has the Larry Wessel retrospective curated by Jack Sargeant and a Donald Cammell retrospective curated by Jon Hewitt. Also Sexy MUFF, a Giallo Italian exploitation film focus by David Thrussell, documentaries by Teknikunst’s Kristen Condon and Avant MUFF curated by Mathew Clayfield.

Check out the official website for updates on the program and all the vital ticketing information.

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