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:: Spotlight :: Monet Mazur - Torque's lead biker babe

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

A wonderfully exotic name in this case adds up to a wonderfully exotic person. Monet Mazur is the female star of the film Torque. This is her first “major” role after having supporting roles in ‘Blow’, ‘Angel eyes’, ’40 Days and 40 Nights’, and ‘Just Married’, amongst others. She is perfectly suited to filling the role of a biker mechanic and dream girl. Her character displays a no-nonsense attitude throughout. She recently visited Melbourne during her promotional tour for ‘Torque’ and she was a delight to talk to, even though she lamented not being to get out much into the sunshine.

She acknowledged that the role of Shane was very competitive. “It was very hard work and I am thankful for Joseph (Khan) for choosing me. I wasn’t sure whether I was suited to do this sort of film. I was virtually pushed into it. But Joseph knew exactly what he wanted me to do and I felt more comfortable.” Monet took part in some dazzling action scenes, particularly a battle with her co-star Jaime Pressly, all in the extreme temperatures whilst wearing tight leather outfits. “It was over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) and extremely hot. There were lots of changes and the make-up people wanted to keep touching things up, but we (the girls) had enough and thought it would be better to get some dirt on our faces. The scene with Jaime saw us riding at each other and doing martial arts moves as we passed. She looked very mean in that costume and it was a fun scene to do.”

The biker community is usually a very close-knit one and Monet enjoyed the team with whom she was associated in order to create such a close group. “The guys like Martin (Henderson), Ice Cube, and Matt (Schulze) were great to work with. Ice Cube has that strong presence about him, but he was fun. The guys were really helpful as I hadn’t really ridden a motorbike before and, at biker school and general training, they made me feel at home.”

The cool costumes are a highlight of the film’s visual quality too. “Joseph (Khan) was very precise in selecting outfits and he allowed me to wear some cool clothes. His background in video meant that he knew how he wanted everyone to look. I had to look at the way it would work. His videos are really successful. I had to see how he did the Eminem and Dr.Dre video – two serious iconic rap figures – and how he got them to make fun of themselves. To play caricatures of themselves. I started to see that he was doing it in the movie and I thought, okay this will work.”

The ending of the film suggests a follow-up Torque film. “Yes, I would have to be involved in the next one, if done, because it’s in my contract.” Meanwhile, Monet is a talented singer and is looking to further her music career. “I’m not working on any music projects at the moment. I did a song with Tricky for an album that he’s releasing soon. I mess around with my own stuff and get into the studio with friends sometimes. I’ve spoken to several interesting people that I would be expected to work with, although that’s not exactly the route I’ll take. It’s a matter of finding the right people to work with knowing the music I want to do.

Be sure to see Monet in ‘Torque’, screening on general release around Australia.

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