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:: Spotlight :: Movie Teaser Trailer - Red Billabong

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

A new Australian horror movie is soon to hit cinemas. Luke Sparke’s new creature feature is titled Red Billabong and the Australia-wide release has been set for later this year.

Summary: In the Australian Outback, two brothers discover old secrets and family lies. As their friends start to go missing they fear they are being stalked by someone or something from their worst nightmares – But is it just – A story? A legend? A hoax? Or is it real?

Cast: Jessica Green, Tim Pocock, Dan Ewing, John Reynolds, Felix Williamson, Yutaka Izumihara, Emily Joy, Ben Chisholm, Sophie Don, Gregory J. Fryer and Selina Kadell.

Red Billabong will feature at the Oz Comic Con, later this year.

Here is the first official teaser trailer