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:: Spotlight :: Movie Trailer - The Will To Fly

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

The Will To Fly is a feature length documentary chronicling the inspirational story of Olympic champion Lydia Lassila as she journeys through her tumultuous freestyle aerial skiing career. It’s a journey filled with astonishing achievements and disastrous setbacks as Lydia ventures to not only uphold her Olympic crown but to write history by being the first woman to perform the most complex and dangerous manoeuvre of any acrobatic sport; a quadruple twisting, triple somersault on skis.

This inspiring, insightful and engrossing documentary is the first feature film from film maker Katie Bennie Bender, former gymnast and aerial skier who trained alongside Lydia, whose unprecedented insight into the world of international level competition sport has given her access to people and materials from across the globe. In researching the film, Bender’s work has taken the production to Australia, Finland, China, the United States and Russia. This three year labour of love, all of which is captured on screen, comes together in the form of The Will To Fly.

Joining Bender in the director’s chair is Oscar Winning animator Leo Baker (Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing) who also serves as director of photography. Bringing a cinematic discipline to this very personal story, Baker’s talent is re-affirmed here and his work on The Will To Fly makes him a film practitioner on the rise.

Scored by Australian composer Thomas E Rouch (Reckoning, Key, Waterborne, Reverse Runner), The Will To Fly took the artist over six months to complete. Emotive, empassioned and inspirational, Rouch’s work here is another signal of a talent on the way up.

All together, the skills of this multi-talented team have crafted a gripping true story, making one of Australia’s first feature length sports documentaries. The Will To Fly is a celebration of determination, a triumph over adversity, an inspirational message about women in sport and, above all, a powerhouse Australian film that shouldn’t be missed.

THE WILL TO FLY will be in Australian cinemas from OCTOBER 15, 2015 through BACKLOT FILMS

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