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:: Spotlight :: 2008 Russian Resurrection Film Festival

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

In 2008 the Russian Resurrection Film Festival will be presenting two Retrospectives, exploring two very diverse but exciting areas of Russian filmmaking: The works of Karen Shakhnazarov, and Russian Fantasia.

RETROSPECTIVE 1: The works of Karen Shakhnazarov
The first Retrospective will explore the work of one of the masters of modern Russian filmmaking, Karen Shakhnazarov, whose career has spanned 25 years and continues to this date.

The amazing and highly diverse collection of award winning and internationally acclaimed films Directed by Karen Shakhnazarov to be showcased at the Festival include:
We Are Jazz Men (1983) - musical comedy
Courier (1987) – coming of age comedy
Zero City (1988) – black comedy
The Assassin of the Tsar (1993) – political historical drama
American Daughter (1995) – family adventure
Day of the Full Moon (1998) – short vignettes, fantasy
Rider Named Death (2004) – political historical thriller

As an extra bonus treat, his latest film, The Vanished Empire (2008), will be screening as a true highlight of the Festival.

RETROSPECTIVE 2 - Russian Fantasia
Russian Fantasia is the subject for the second Russian Resurrection Film Festival Retrospective, focusing on classic soviet fantasy and science fiction films. Heading the line-up is one of the all time great fantastical cult classics Amphibian Man (1962), directed by Vladimir Chebotaryov and Gennadi Kazansky. A virtually unclassifiable nautical reverie, Amphibian Man combines seafaring adventure, romance, monstrous fantasy, water choreography and tragedy into a strange, beguiling dream of a film.

This is strangely complimented by the second film featured, the multi-award winning and internationally acclaimed, devastating post nuclear holocaust thriller Letters from a Deadman (1986) directed by Konstantin Lopushansky. Amid the surface devastation, a survivor of the bomb blast finds a group of children who have been struck catatonically mute by the holocaust. Though the city has been placed under rigid militia rule, he attempts to take them away to a place of safety.

2008 Russian Resurrection Film Festival National Tour dates:
Melbourne - Palace Cinema Como - October 29 to November 5
Canberra - Greater Union Manuka - October 30 to November 3
Sydney - Chauvel Cinema - October 31 to November 10
Brisbane - Palace Centro Cinema - November 6-12
Perth - Cinema Paradiso - November 13-19
Adelaide - Palace Nova Eastend - November 14-19

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