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:: Spotlight :: Melbourne Red Carpet Premiere of 'Summer Coda'

By: Carmine Pascuzzi; photos by Matt Deller

The Rivoli Cinemas hosted the Melbourne Red Carpet Premiere of the Australian film ‘Summer Coda’. Several weeks earlier the film had its World Premiere in the country town of Mildura, the setting for the film, and many of the cast and crew ventured to the Rivoli to enjoy the city opening.

The film is directed by Richard Gray (his debut feature film), and he was joined on the red carpet by cast members Rachael Taylor, Alex Dimitriades, Angus Sampson, Cassandra Magrath and Nick Farnell. Other guests included Nick Giannopoulos, Jane Kennedy, Shura Taft, Kimberley Davies, and musicians Jim Keays and Glenn Richards, who contributed to the film's soundtrack.

Here are pictures from the premiere - by Matt Deller. More can be viewed here

Alex Dimitriades & Richard Gray
Alex Dimitriades & Rachael Taylor Rachael Taylor & Cassandra Magrath
Angus Sampson & Richard Gray
Rachael Taylor Nick Farnell & Cassandra Magrath
Richard Gray (centre) with Jim and Karin Keays
Alex Dimitriades & Anji Lake Shura Taft (right) and friend
Glenn Richards and wife Nick Giannopoulos & Olga Fox