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:: Spotlight :: The Combination

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Set in western Sydney, The Combination is a powerful and deeply affecting story of a contemporary Lebanese family. John Morkos (George Basha) is released from prison intent on a new life, free of his old ways. But he finds his younger brother Charlie (Firass Dirani) being lured by the local underworld. George’s demands to stay clear of crime fall on deaf ears - Charlie has no respect for the former crim.

In the thrall of gang leader Zeus (Ali Haidar), Charlie’s life oscillates between the schoolyard punch-ups and the gangland streets of his neighbourhood. When John meets Sydney (Clare Bowen), a local Australian girl, and finds a job at the local boxing gym, his life is challenged in unexpected ways. But Charlie’s continuing descent into the world of crime places the his whole family in harms way forcing John to risk his new life to right his younger brother’s wrong.

The Combination is award-winning actor David Field’s (Chopper, Two Hands, City Homicide and more) directorial debut, with the script written by George Basha (Blackrock) based on his life and experiences as a first generation Lebanese-Australian raised in the western suburbs of Sydney.

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The film is released in Australia on February 26.

Interviews coming very soon.