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:: Spotlight :: Special event screenings of The Mule followed by a Q&A with Hugo Weaving and Angus Sampson

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Hugo Weaving and Angus Sampson are confirmed to attend exclusive Q&A preview screenings of THE MULE in Sydney and Melbourne, ahead of the film's November 21 digital release. Following the screenings, the actors will speak about their feature, which Sampson also co-directed and co-wrote, before opening the discussion to the audience.

Featuring a brilliant ensemble cast, the Melbourne and Bangkok-set THE MULE is a darkly comic ride through crime, corruption and one man’s ability to defy his bodily functions. Inspired by true events, The Mule tells the story of a naive man who is detained by federal police with lethal narcotics hidden in his stomach. Alone and afraid, ‘the Mule’ makes a desperate choice; to defy his bodily functions and withhold the evidence… literally. By doing so he becomes a ‘human time bomb’; dragging cops, criminals and concerned family into his impossible escapade.

Directed by Angus Sampson and Tony Mahony, The Mule’s darkly comic screenplay was penned by three of Australia’s most exciting on and off screen talents; Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson and Jaime Browne. It stars Hugo Weaving alongside Sampson and Whannell with a fantastic ensemble cast including Ewen Leslie, Geoff Morrell, Georgina Haig, Noni Hazlehurst and John Noble.

Entertainment One will release THE MULE on November 21 and will be available to download and own from iTunes, Google Play, Sony Playstation, Microsoft xBox and Dendy Direct. The film is currently available to pre order on iTunes. THE MULE will also be available on Blu Ray, DVD and on digital rental from December 3.

Director: Tony Mahony and Angus Sampson
Running time: 104 mins
Rating: MA15+

View the film's trailer here

Q&A screenings
Tuesday November 18 2014 at Cinema Nova, Lygon St Carlton
6.30pm film commences, followed by Q&A with Hugo Weaving and Angus Sampson
Tickets: $20 from here

Wednesday November 19 2014 at Dendy Newtown, King St Newtown
6.30pm film commences, followed by Q&A with Hugo Weaving and Angus Sampson
Tickets: $20 from here