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:: Spotlight :: Red Carpet Premiere of 'Three Dollars' in Melbourne

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Stars of the Australian film 'Three Dollars' turned out for the Melbourne premiere of the film at the Kino Dendy Cinemas. Director Robert Connolly was joined by producer John Maynard, Writer Elliot Perlman, and stars Sarah Wynter, David Wenham, Nicole Nabout, and young Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik.

David Wenham, Elliot Perlman, Sarah Wynter, John Maynard, Robert Connolly Sarah Wynter and David Wenham
Sarah Wynter Robert Connolly, John Maynard, Elliot Perlman
Sarah Wynter and David Wenham David Wenham
Nicole Nabout (left) and Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik Terry Norris
Nicole Nabout (right) with sister Brigitte Amber Petty (right) and friend