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:: Spotlight :: Melbourne Red Carpet Premiere of 'Tomorrow When The War Began'

By: Carmine Pascuzzi; photos by Matt Deller

The Melbourne Premiere of ‘Tomorrow When The War Began’ was held at Melbourne Central in August 2010. A packed crowd assembled as many of the young cast were in attendance, along with writer John Marsden and director Stuart Beattie.

Both Marsden and Beattie were aware that this film could roll into a franchise and set the tone in reinvigorating the Australian film industry. It will be up to the public to determine the longevity of the theme. For Beattie, it was “the right project at the right time. The cast was fantastic - very talented and devoted to the cause”. Marsden has written ten such books in the series and “was wary and reluctant for the books to become films. I'm now glad that this has worked out well”.

Pictures by Matt Deller. More can be viewed here

writer John Marsden & director Stuart Beattie
Deniz Akdeniz, Lincoln Lewis & Chris Pang
Chris Pang & Caitlin Stasey Stuart Beattie
Rachel Hurd-Wood Phoebe Tonkin
Rachel Hurd-Wood & Phoebe Tonkin
Caitlin Stasey & Paul O'Brien