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:: Spotlight :: Video Ezy looks for Australia's best movie buff in special Moviemaster competition

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Australian TV host and pop culture wizard Andrew Mercado has kicked off a new Video Ezy movie trivia competition called MovieMaster. This will endeavour to find Australia’s number one movie buff. The on-line contest, which will be hosted on the Video Ezy website will offer the winner the prestigious title and the chance to win an unforgettable Hollywood experience, including a visit to a working Hollywood production, dinner at popular celebrity hangout - Mr Chow, and much more.

Video Ezy conducted a survey of 775 people which showed that 68% of Australians claim to be die hard movie buffs and that 27% said that watching DVDs is their favourite past time. This competition will give people a chance to prove it!

Andrew Mercado has been a presenter on Channel V and Music MAX in Australia. He wrote the 2004 Christmas best-seller “Super Aussie Soaps”, about the history of soap operas and series in Australia. He is a keen movie buff and champions this trivia contest which will culminate with the three finalists taking part in a MovieMaster playoff to be held at the Gold Coast in July this year.

“Australians have always loved their movies. In fact, it’s a little known fact that we are the second largest consumers of movie rental and retail in the world after Brazil.” said Andrew. “I am absolutely delighted to be involved in this Video Ezy contest where people can express their love of movies through their demonstration of film knowledge.”

How It Works

Each week a heat will start on-line at Videoezy Each heat will have 10 games and within each game will be five questions. Entrants will have to answer the questions against the clock in order to achieve the highest possible score. The highest score out of all players will win each individual heat. A top 10 chart will be posted on-line every week to let entrants know how they are fairing against other players nationally. Heat winners will win DVD packs and the three highest scoring players at the end of the competition will be flown to the Gold Coast to play for the major prize of an “Ultimate Hollywood Experience”.

There’s also a chance to win hundreds of weekly prizes consisting of DVD’s and rental vouchers by participating in the in-store trivia SMS competition. Each week Video Ezy will display a different question in store and entrants will be able to SMS (or go on-line) with their answer.

The questions put together by a team of movie fans and experts from Video Ezy and will cover all genres and will include movie related questions from as early as the 1928 Academy Awards to the latest films available now on DVD.

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