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:: Spotlight :: X-Men: Days Of Future Past Australian Premiere in Melbourne

By: Dave Griffiths

Mutant madness hit Melbourne recently as the X-Men X-Perience tour rolled into town as part of the world wide promotion for one of the most eagerly anticipated films of this year: X-Men: Days Of Future Past. These X-Periences have been happening in major cities right around the world and while the likes of Michael Fassbender, Sir Ian McKellan and James McAvoy graced the London X-Perience it was Peter Dinklage, Fan Bingbing and Australia’s own Hugh Jackman that walked the red carpet at the Melbourne Central Shot Tower Square.

With the Shot Tower partly obscured by a massive screen showing clips of other major X-Men: Days Of Future Past stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry and Patrick Stewart and the famous Melbourne Central clock becoming a huge ‘X’ thousands of fans of the hit franchise packed into any vantage point they could find to get a glimpse of the three stars.

Jackman who has played Wolverine in seven films now entered the red carpet first and told the audience they were in for a treat as they would soon saw Game Of Thrones star Peter Dinklage become the next Marvel Comics bad guy as he portrays the ‘evil’ Trask in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. “Peter Dinklage makes a great villain. I think what X-Men has done really well is that even the darker characters have a genuine and plausible reason for what they believe in. It’s not just somebody wanting to take over the world it’s actually rooted into something. The original comic book was actually about Martin Luther King versus Malcolm X so it was always grey and I think the best villains always have a bit of grey around them, they aren’t black or white… and a great moustache and 1970s porno haircut.”

Next to enter the red carpet was Peter Dinklage and he was closely followed by Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing who plays Blink in the film. Currently in Melbourne filming The Moon And The Sun with Pierce Brosnan Fan Bing Bing had a legion of fans at Melbourne Central and it seemed that a majority of the fans that filled three levels of the complex were there for her.

When asked to talk about his character Dinklage says “Trask is misunderstood. He’s just trying to save the world, can’t a guy just save the world from people like them,” he says with a laugh and indicates Jackman and Bing Bing who play mutants in the film. “Claws coming out of their hands, teleportation. It’s just not natural.

Dinklage was also quick to add how much he was loving his time in Australia. “It’s so good to be back, I’ve been to Melbourne before when I was working on a film with Mr Peter Hellier… he’ll appreciate me saying that. I was here three years ago doing that and I loved Melbourne then and I love it now.”

X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens on Thursday May 22.

Hugh Jackman Fan Bing Bing (right)
Peter Dinklage