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:: Anais - To Our Home


Anais Campbell has released her second studio single, ‘To Our Home’, off her debut EP ‘Push Through’ 'To Our Home’ is uplifting and fun and showcases a superb voice that Anais has. It's a delicate folk/country ballad that articulates her experience of feeling free and adventurous. Her soaring vocals combine with a catchy guitar riff and driving percussion.

Despite her young age, Anais has already worked with global legends like Kim Wood Sandusky, the US vocal coach who counts Beyonc√© and Kelly Rowland as former students. Her recording band for ‘Push Through’ consisted of top musicians who have worked with Garth Brooks, Alison Krauss and Olivia Newton John.

Anais has a huge future ahead of her and there’s no doubt she’ll heed her own words and live life boldly and without regret’.