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:: Catherine Duc - Visions And Dreams

Catherine Duc

It’s been labelled neo classical, yet Catherine Duc’s unique offering, Visions and Dreams, and its Celtic, mystical sounding electronic, has none of the lullaby substance of ordinary classical music. While it is somewhat soothing, it is also intriguing. Each song on the album is a perfectly crafted journey. Interestingly, Duc has a degree in film music studies. She compliments her mystical tales - each of which you could picture accompanying a Medieval Hollywood film - with instruments like flutes, keyboards and light vocals. The Melbourne based artist paints a picture with her array of ambient sounds, Celtic music influence, all glazed with an other worldly sounding electronic base. Half her fun is in her ethereal inspiring names of songs, whether it be the lightly tribal tunes of “Essence of Dreams,” “Dancing in the Mist” or “Midsummer Twilight.” A classically trained flutist, Duc is also apt on the keyboard and vocals. Each song on Visions and Dreams is perfectly crafted individual tale. Picture it playing in a New Age shop, at an alternative electro rave festival or as an innovative kind of ambience. Music sources reckon Duc is the answer to a 21st century Enya, specialising in minimalist electro.