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:: Evalyn - Sandcastle


Venice Beach, California native Evalyn is pleased to share a reworked and minimal rendition of her new EP aptly named, ‘Sandcastle (Stripped)’. The release's new arrangements utilise soloed guitar, piano and strings, peeling back the original EP's production, showcasing the rawness and potency of Evalyn's vocal and sharpening the focus to her charged to the current socio-political climate lyricism.

It is clear that she doesn’t shy away from either the microphone or polarising topics, and this combination serves as a great strength and testament to her genuine artistry, highlighting her incredibly poignant lyricism. Artfully, Evalyn expresses the duality of hopelessness and optimism she experiences alongside many other young people, restless during these uncertain times of political turmoil and scandal within our country.

Evalyn doesn’t fail to acknowledge the relationship troubles and internal battles that still plague us all on a personal level even amidst this chaotic atmosphere, especially on songs like “Filthy Rich” and “Rather Be Dead”. Don’t be afraid to get fired up as you delve into the mind and message of the bold Southern California native. She'll have plenty more to tell in the future.