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:: Heaven & Earth - Hard To Kill

Heaven & Earth

Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Dave Jenkins, mixed by Chris Lord-Alge and mastered by Gavin Lurssen, the album Hard To Kill features the Heaven & Earth line-up of Stuart Smith, (Guitar), Joe Retta (Vocals), Lynn Sorensen (Bass), Kenny Aronoff (Drums) and Ty Bailie (Keyboards). In spite of years gone by and major changes within the band as well as outside of it, this album not only picks up where 2013 Dig left off. What is even more surprising – it also doesn’t fall far from 1999 all-star release recorded under the moniker of Heaven & Earth Featuring Stuart Smith, the one that started it all.

Taking Hard to Kill as a whole, the eleven original songs ring true and the melodies unfold like you've known them your whole life. The title track is a testament to perseverance, while L.A. Blues exposes the pitfalls of living in the City of Angels. And while The Game Has Changed dramatically contrasts the past with the present, the riveting Monster shows that the spirit of hard rock is indeed hard to kill. Meanwhile, Til It's Over will earn the admiration of longtime rock listeners, just as the attitude in Bleed Me Dry and Walk Away will speak to any modern music fan. With sexy grooves and powerful attitudes, these tunes reflect the time with soulful power and lyrical punch.

The total number of songs on the album is eleven – each of them fuelled by scorching fretwork and blaring Hammond sound and completed with tight rhythm section and Retta’s powerhouse voice. Hard To Kill is the idea that keeps pounding and whispering in the ear, the one that makes the mind stoked to enjoy the beat and in Heaven & Earth, all things lead to the moment of realisation that rock is the genre that keeps giving.