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:: Paul William Ray - Last Drinks, One More Night

Paul William Ray

Sometimes when you hear the words country-ballad you shudder. Images of Billy Ray Cyrus and such flash before you, and you really can’t help but groan. But Melbourne singer Paul William Ray shows that these two words put together need not be a bad thing. Ray’s latest EP ‘Last Drinks, One More Night’ is mostly made up of ballads… and it sounds sensational. Opening track ‘Last Drinks’ reveals some amazing guitar work and vocals and as the EP goes on you really do start to realise that Ray has some of the best male vocals that this country has ever seen. ‘Your Favourite Song’ is an amazing ballad while the piano in ‘Alive’ adds a new element to the country sound. ‘Good Times’ is worthy of a few listens while the story-telling make-up of ‘The Valley’ combines with a good Aussie sound and it is easily the best album on the EP. Ray even manages to pull off a modern lullaby with ‘Sleep’, which caps off a truly sensational EP. Paul William Ray has delivered one of the EPs of the year with ‘Last Drinks. One More Night’. This shows that country doesn’t have to be a nasty word.