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:: Spectrum - Breathing Space


Here‘s a band I never ever expected to hear from. Spectrum was one of those quintessential Australian acts from the late '60s to mid '70s who had a decent following and a range of radio hits to boot. Now some three decades on they re-emerge from the wilderness and back onto the scene. Unfortunately, a lot's changed in the music industry since Spectrum had a number one hit with 'Ill Be Gone’ (a gem of a tune), and it‘s fair to say it hasn't been kind to them in the time since. 'Breathing Space’ is their new EP but to be blunt, it sounds like a middle-aged act, whose having one last crack before the pension cheques kick in. The music is of the variety of those modern, upmarket venues, where food is the number one priority, music merely an afterthought. I don't want to be too harsh here, partly because this band served the Australian music scene well and helped it to flourish, and also because I love their hit song, but music is music and I'm a music reviewer. I can't call this a mid-life crisis because, well they're too old for it but I can call it average, and that's exactly what it is. It sounds dated, is uneventful, uninspired and just plain dull. They might find favour with the over 55's but to the rest of the music buying public, I can't see them ever being more than a band which had one or two big hits and now sound nothing more than a bad lounge cover act. Steer clear!