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:: Ten Year Vamp - Don't Act Like You Know Me

Ten Year Vamp

Ten Year Vamp come from New York and they know how to pump up the volume in a big way. Their rock brand is dynamic and intense. The album has an interesting history as the band put eighty songs on their website for the fans to choose the final twelve for the album. They had an incredible response. The fans also had input to the album cover. This exercise has now resulted in one of the genuine rock albums of 2010 with lots of punch and power. Mind you, the album was released in the USA in 2009 but I haven‘t heard it until well into 2010. The album opener 'Never Know’ has a very commercial feel with a terrific hook in the pop-rock style. Much credit to lead singer Debbie Gabrione for her gorgeous voice. She has the fire in the belly and she sounds hungry. Debbie says it straight down the line on most tracks and delivers with great verve. The sexy, playful rock element is a great attraction too and she is backed by capable musicians to deliver very expressive rock. There are a string of catchy songs that have been well produced. The band knows how to rock boldly and feverishly and have scored fine support gigs in recent times. I reckon Ten Year Vamp have great times ahead as they have passion and talent to burn. I just hope they get the right breaks.