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MusicDish Network & Yohany Launch Co-Branded P2P Software
Rising star Yohany uses MusicDish Network P2P Street Team file sharing software in support of Yohany's music video release "At The Bar"

In its ongoing efforts to develop new ways to market independent artists, the MusicDish Network ( is launching R&B/Dance/Pop singer Yohany's co-branded peer-to-peer application. The program features customizable TrustyFiles file sharing software that makes it easy for artists to promote and sell their music on multiple file sharing networks through their fans. Yohany's P2P software can be downloaded at

"Yohany is part of a new breed of artists that are redefining the traditional paradigm to reach their fans," commented MusicDish Network founder Eric de Fontenay. "This initiative places Yohany on the cutting edge of the file sharing phenomena by creating a virtual P2P street team of her fans combined with branding right on their desktops."

Yohany's P2P software will link users to her website ( in one click. The application will encourage users to download and share her just released music video from her club pounding single "At The Bar," as well as feature contests for a chance to win her album "All That I Want" and highlights from the MusicDish Network. "A party jam that the J.Lo camp should eye with envy. Looks like Yohany's armed and ready to go the distance," said Billboard Magazine's Chuck Taylor about the album.

The launch will be supported by an extensive viral marketing campaign. In addition to syndicated features and banners throughout the MusicDish Network's community of websites, webradio stations and print magazines, the campaign will reach out to her fans through an online street team campaign targeting leading eGroups, forums, messageboards.

Yohany is the first of many MusicDish Network co-branded p2p software launches in support of its artists planned for 2005. Additionally, co-branded applications will be developed for key MusicDish Network member sites, enabling its artists to tap into an entirely new community of fans. "By linking our planned co-branded applications under the MusicDish Network brand, we will be able to coordinate the promotion of our artists across several p2p street teams," added Eric de Fontenay.

The MusicDish Network co-branded P2P software, powered by RazorPop's Street Team program, offers multiple benefits to independent artists, including:
SATURATED MARKETING. Artists benefit from the aggregated traffic and resources of the MusicDish Network's community of over 200 music sites, radio stations and magazines.
REACH. Artists get access to 80 million file sharers.
SALES. Artists can promote and sell their free and secured music, video, game, shareware, and other digital files, CDs, DVDs, tickets, subscriptions, and merchandise to P2P users.
BRANDING. Artists add their logo and web link for prominent display on the software application window.
NEW CUSTOMERS. File sharing is the ultimate viral referral program. When P2P users download artist files they're automatically shared with and distributed to other users on the P2P networks.
FAMILIAR. Many artists already have street teams that help them promote their music.

Marc Freedman, RazorPop founder and CEO, said "The P2P Street Team ushers in the next generation of artist promotions. There has been a lot of press lately about the file sharing networks being used by top record labels like SonyBMG and Universal Music and major artists like Heart, Steve Winwood, and Sananda Maitreya.

"But a key sector has been left out - the independent artist. By some estimates there are three million musicians, a huge market. The P2P Street Team delivers what the indies need - a simple Do-It-Yourself program that builds on the street teams many artists have already developed. If an artist doesn't have a street team yet, he can just as easily offer the TrustyFiles software on his web site to his fans and Internet visitors."

About Musicdish Network

The MusicDish Network ( is a unique web music platform gathering hundreds of music-relates websites and webradio programmers. Relying on its veteran creatives team, web-ready content from full-feature profile to banners are created and distributed through the MusicDish Network's extensive list of affilated sites and webradio stations, key partners such as RAZORPOP, TrakHeadz and All Access Magazine as well as targeting message boards, group sites, and blogs.

Since it's launch in 2002, the MusicDish Network has managed nearly 200 artists saturated marketing campaigns, working with:
- labels such as Ardel Records, Boosweet Records, Chocolate FireGuard Music, Centron Music City Canyon Records, Eagle Rock Entertainment, For Reel Entertainment, Motema Music, Wampus Multimedia,...
- music companies auch as Focus Marketing, Got Game Entertainment, Har-Bal, INgrooves, It's About Music, Virtual Studio Systems,...
- promoters/PR agencies like Buzzplant, Buzz Publicity, Evolution Promotion, Rainmaker Publicity,...


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About RazorPop

RazorPop ( is an Internet marketing, technology, and entertainment company. RazorPop develops innovative software, services, and networks for digital entertainment consumers and businesses that want to reach them. RazorPop's primary product is TrustyFiles High Performance File Sharing software (, the leading multi-network client with Kazaa, Gnutella, Gnutella2, and Bit Torrent search and download, as well as personal, private, and public file sharing. RazorPop was founded in January 2001 by visionary Marc Freedman and is based in Dallas, Texas.

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