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:: Bling: A Planet Rock

It’s very rare to see hip-hop stars get a real dose of reality – and I am talking about the Flava Flav Show kind of reality either. With Bling: A Planet Rock, filmmaker Raquel Cepeda takes hip-hop luminaries Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), Paul Wall and Tago on a journey to wart-torn Sierra Leone to witness first hand the true toll of the blood diamond history which has become so part of hip-hop today.

Cepeda does a greet job of weaving the personal stories of the hip-hop stars with those of the child soldiers, amputees, rape victims and those displaced by the war. Witnessing the gradual understanding of the musicians to the reality of what they rap about makes for some riveting viewing.

The film also takes a step back from the war zone to discuss the cultural significance that bling plays in today’s hip-hop from the eighties old school culture to today’s age where diamond encrusted teeth has become the norm.

With heartfelt reflections by Ishmael Beah, best-selling author of A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier and interviews with Kanye West, Big Daddy Kane, Jadakiss and Mr. T, Bling does a solid job of bringing a genre known for flights of fancy to a reality check