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:: Blondie Live! The Farewell Concert 1982

They were at the forefront of a punk rock explosion in the late 1970s, alongside the battle for supremacy over the strong disco era. Blondie was one of the first that we, in Australia, embraced as a rebellion to the disco scene. They had a charismatic front woman in Debbie Harry.

After selling over 15 million records in the previous five years, Blondie suddenly decided to call it quits in 1982. This is their spectacular farewell show, performed in front of a captivated audience at the Canadian National Expo. You will soon notice the drive and charm that this band held, led by the sultry Debbie.

The set includes all their great hits, including, Rapture, Hanging On the Telephone, Heart Of Glass, The Tide Is High, Call Me, Danceway, One Way Or Another, and War Child, to name a few.

The original band line-up is on show, with guest Eddie Martinez on jazz guitar.