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:: Bruce Springsteen: VH1 Storytellers

Bruce Springsteen fans will adore this package. It is an intimate look at the artist’s songwriting mechanism. It runs for ninety minutes and it showcases the Boss’s craft well.

Shot in New Jersey, Bruce takes centre stage armed with an acoustic guitar, a few notes, and good comic timing. From his recent album ‘Devils & Dust’, Bruce performs ‘Jesus Was An Only Son’ and the title track. The format sees Springsteen introduce a song, perform that song, and then break it down… sometimes line-by-line, to explain more about his writing. ‘Blinded By The Light’ has Bruce recounting how he used a rhyming dictionary to help with the lyric.

‘Brilliant Disguise’ is performed with wife Patti Scialfa; ‘Nebraska’ and ‘The Rising’ are other revealing moments. For ‘Waiting On A Sunny Day’, Bruce explains how he was trying to conjure up the magic of Smokey Robinson. It's good to see the way he accompanies himself with harmonica, piano and guitar.

It’s not the type of DVD that you would sit through more than once or twice, but it is a different aspect of watching music than usual. It is magic for Springsteen lovers.

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Q&A session (previously unseen between Bruce and fans)