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:: Crowded House: Farewell To The World

This is the DVD recording of Crowded House’s final concert – the show on the steps of the Sydney Opera House in November 1996. There were approximately 120,000 people in attendance and the finale was as fitting as anyone could imagine.

The band played all the hits and they were in great form. Crowded House was a band that endeared itself to a wide audience and they have been well remembered through this well-produced DVD.

The performance is even more poignant and special to look back on now because of the tragic death of drummer Paul Hester over a year ago. Paul was a witty and charming person, yet he was very sad that Crowded House came to its conclusion on this night. You can see the emotion on his face. There is much emotion shown by all the band members.

Fans can reminisce over the fine songs that Crowded House performed, including “Private Universe”, “Mean To Me”, “Better Be Home Soon”, “Sister Madly”, and the inevitable final song “Don’t Dream It’s Over”. Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, and Paul Hester certainly left their mark with this wonderful show. They will remain one of Australia’s most loved bands.

DVD Extras

The second DVD of the set has the following extras:
• A new documentary “The Day They Brought The House Down”, including new interviews with Neil Finn and Nick Seymour
• Photo gallery
• Band commentary for the whole concert
• Digitally remastered
• Documentary “Planning The Event”
• “Witness” documentary by Jana Wendt
• End credits – Farewell To The World DVD