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:: Darren Hayes - Too Close For Comfort

The back cover of the DVD says it all - a concert, a documentary, a film, and a confessional.

As part of Savage Garden, Darren Hayes was an international pop star. In Australia, we'd known INXS, Midnight Oil, AC/DC, Kylie Minogue, andvarious others in other musical genres, as lifting the status of Australian music to the world forefront. Darren had the world at his feet. He wanted to be a star and knew what it took to be one.

“Too Close For Comfort” is Darren Hayes like you've never seen him before. He tells of this great “performance” quality he had to face up to. He wasn't himself during these glory days. The DVD is a behind-the-scenes account of what he wanted in his life then, and now.

Coming from a working-class Brisbane background, growing up with an alcoholic father and in an environment of insecurities, he wants something substantial from his life - real love and purpose. There was a time in his life where he wondered whether he was ever going to get genuine love and purpose.

The focus comes to realisation during his solo world tour in 2002-03, where Darren Hayes is struggling personally and professionally. He is at the crossroads in his musical career. The dance and electronic based sounds of his album weren't being translated into a winning formula amongst his old fans of Savage Garden days. He seems a distant person from when he was at the peak of the Savage Garden phenomenon. However, he reveals an honesty that is a breath of fresh air. Above all, he is making music that he wants to make. Personally, you can view the dimension of Darren's own character where he once sat on top of the world in music, to revealing a person who missed Australia and was agonising over his sexuality and trying to reverse the fall in fortunes.

It's interesting to note that the Savage Garden break-up wasn't really explained in public nor did they have a rousing send-off like other bands have had. Perhaps because Darren had settled permanently overseas, he was seen as the protagonist for the split. All these factors conspired to make things messy and place undue pressure on him.

There are different stages to the DVD in terms of that 2002/2003 period, where it follows through to commentaries in 2004 and 2006. Now a much wiser person, Darren Hayes is able to reflect on that past and look positively to enhancing his solo career.

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