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:: Various Artists - A Decade Of Australian Hits - 90s

Compiling a decade of Australian hits onto a DVD is not an easy proposition but limiting it to acts who are solely on your label makes it a hell of a lot easier. Bar about three songs (which by the way are linked through publishing deals), this DVD from Festival Mushroom (FMR) is very one sided. Nothing wrong with their selection of acts - (Kylie Minogue, Deborah Conway, Frente, Skyhooks, The Badloves) - it‘s just rather short on “true” classic hits. Where's John Farnham, Inxs, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, Rat Cat? Instead we're left to ponder over Toni Pearen, Sister2Sister, Roxus and Aleesha Rome! Forces all four were in the Australian music scene apparently. I must have blinked during their period of chart dominance. Argument aside, 'A Decade Of Classic Australian Hits: 90's’ is an interesting look back at “some” of the music popular during this decade. Sure, a lot of it is dated and the fashion is laughable now but we were all there in one capacity or another. From Christine Anu‘s anthem 'Island Home’ through the beautiful ‘Even When I'm Sleeping’ by Leonardo‘s Bride to the still fantastic 'Cruise Control’ by the Headless Chickens, though I'm sure to the best of my knowledge New Zealand isn't a state or territory of Australia (I could be wrong). Lacking a booklet to explain how the songs fared in the charts would've been a nice touch but overall it's a fair DVD - just avoid the glaring omissions and irregularities.